Quiota (pronounced ‘Key-yo-ta’) provides unparalleled excellence in delivering quant research services and tools for trading firms. We are positioned to equip traders and investment managers with machine learning based trade decision tools.


Quantitative Infrustructure
Quantitative Infrastructure

Reduce cost of implementation and time to market of algo-trading strategy deployment by using our cutting edge machine learning, backtesting, risk management and trade execution tools.

Algo Strategy
Algo Strategy

Increase trading profitability without adding undue risk by utilising our deep neural network tool to discover high performing strategies.


Expand strategy R&D; through our deep expertise in data management, machine learning and trade expression.


We work with your data or use our proprietary data to train our models and demonstrate performance through backtesting and live simulation.


Matthew Dixon, CEO and Founder

Matthew began his 15 year career in structured credit trading at Lehman Brothers in London before pursuing academics and consulting for financial institutions and tech firms in quantitative trading, risk modeling and machine learning. He holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Imperial College, a MS in Parallel and Scientific Computation with distinction from the University of Reading and has held postdoctoral and visiting professor appointments at Stanford University and University of California, Davis respectively. He has published numerous academic papers, been featured in Bloomberg Markets and the Financial Times as an expert in AI and finance, and serves on the program committee of multiple computational finance workshops.


Data Assessment

Review the suitability of your data or recommending data sources for machine learning

Machine Learning Model

Developing effective machine learning model


Enhancing prediction accuracy through feature engineering


Integrating customized open-source machine learning tools into your backtesting and trade execution environment


Transferring knowledge through in house seminars and educational material



James Goldcamp

Director of Business Development, HedgeFacts LLP

``Quiota’s expertise in quantitative risk methodology and software prototyping was invaluable in enabling us to identify, evaluate and build methodology extensions.``

Bud Bach

Managing Partner, TradeForecaster, Chicago

``Quiota have deep expertise in machine learning and its application to financial time series.``

Adam Grosser

Managing Partner at SilverLake Kraftwerk

``Matthew's expertise served us well in developing the potential of machine learning in top-of-the funnel analysis for private equity investing.``